on stage 

Performance Highlights

Performing in the show If these walls could talk by Dislocate on a tour of China (2017).  Working alongside company founders Kate Fryer and Geoff Dunsten has continued to remain one of my strongest artistic influences. I learnt from them about the possibilities that exist between narrative and circus. The way these concepts can inform and support each other to deliver performance art that is bigger than the sum of its parts. 

Touring as an acrobat with Casus (2015), performing the show Knee Deep at festivals and venues across the USA and Europe, and winning an award for Best Circus production at the Avignon Festival, France. Performing at the Spoleto Arts Festival was a major highlight of my first tour with Casus. This experience showed me the importance of a good team on and off stage. I learnt a lot about acrobatics, honest performance and training etiquette. 

Performing in the Melbourne premier season of Model Citizens, by Circus Oz (2017) in their own Big Top circus tent as well as the subsequent touring (2017-2019) through out Australia, Europe and South America. This was my first major company creation. I was part of the Model Circus ensemble from day one and was present for almost every show in its 200 show life. Being part of this creation gave me the taste of big budget work, which has bleed into the ambitious ideas I now apply to my set designs and production concepts. 

Seeing my own company Poncho Circus take our debut show Underground to venues in around Australia in 2012/2015. As well as the companies first international performance in 2015 in Phuket, Thailand. Poncho Circus was an ambitious project and during the companies five year life, I never knew what was going to happen next, whilst simultaneously trying to lead a group of young acrobatics towards the next milestone. It was exciting, exhausting and was the foundation of my professional career. Without this valuable experience I would not be an artist or an acrobat today. 

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