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Jake Silvestro

Acrobat   Artist

I am a multi-disciplinary artist with a focus on acrobatics, theatre and visual art. My artistic
output over the last decade has explored narrative, collaboration of forms and acrobatic research.

I have toured with the internationally successful Circus OZ, CIRCA, Casus, Company
2, Dislocate, Lingua Franca and G.O.P (DEU).

As well as working with many small to
medium sized arts companies around the world.


I was the founder and director of Poncho Circus (a Canberra based circus company) which
produced and toured physical theatre productions between 2012 – 2017 around Australia.


Outside of my touring work I have maintained my own creative projects. Have a look around and you can see the wide range of projects I have been involved in over the last ten years.



I have known Jake for six years, and in that time we have collaborated as independent artists, trained together as acrobats, and have worked, toured and performed together as professional artists. Jake is an extremely reliable acrobat, colleague and mentor.


His passion for art, movement and creation is contagious, and the excitement he brings to a creative space consistently breeds creative growth. His thirst for knowledge is inspiring to those around him, and his open mind and excitement for a creative process is inspiring to every artist he meets.

Amanda Lee

 Acrobat - Gravity and Other Myths, CIRCA

Jake is straight fire. He inspires me in so many ways. He has worked in so many corners of this industry and is one of those rare unicorns who has 'broken in' to the professional/ensemble based world without any formal training.


Jake started the #hurricane movement on social media a couple of years ago, inspiring me and so many others to share their creative process without polishing it up first. He's started his own company and worked for most of the major companies you can think of. 

Freyja Edney

Acrobat - 7 Fingers, CIRCA, Circus OZ

Jake has been connected to our organisation since 2011, initially as an employee and later as a troupe member.

In this time Jake was involved in the participation of major productions at Warehouse Circus including the 2011 regional tour and various annual shows.


As a troupe member he delivered physical material that was of a professional standard. During his employment from 2011 – 2014 Jake helped deliver various public events performed by warehouse students. Jake helped drive the delivery of these performances by facilitating a platform for student creative development which formed the basis of these productions.

Tom Davis

Artistic Director - Warehouse Circus




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